First grade

USA National symbols and monuments.

The USA Flag.

Statue of Liberty.  Located in Liberty Island New York

The Liberty Bell


The White House.  Located in WAshington D.C.

The Jefferson Memorial. Located in Washington D.C.





In the following PPT presentation you can remember the story of Thanksgiving seen last class. Enjoy it!!

Thanksgiving.pptx (965,1 kB)

The story of Thanksgiving is about the way English people came to America looking for freedom of religion.

It follows like this:

Long time ago, in 1620, English people came to America. They were living in a country called England, but they did not agree with the King in religious matters. They decided to go to live somewhere where they could follow their religion with no difficulties. They were known as the PILGRIMS.

They built a boat called the MAYFLOWER. The boat held 102 Pilgrims and they crossed the ocean for 66 days until they finally arrived to the New World. When they arrived they found Indians. Pilgrims did not know how to prepare the land for cultivating vegetables and did not know how to hunt for animals to eat. All they know was how to build houses and make towns. 

Indians were very friendly to them and taught the Pilgrims how to prepare the land to cultivate and how to hunt. In exchange, Pilgrims taught Indians how to build houses.

Pilgrims could survive thanks to the help of the Indians living there. Pilgrims built a town called PLYMOUTH. They wanted to thank the Indians for being so generous with them so they all celebrated with a FEAST. This day has been remembered by all Americans as the First Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is celebrated every third Thursday of November every year.


United States Independence

United States did not have this name before. It was known as America or the Thirteen Colonies. This began when English came to America years ago. In time English people populated America but they were still ruled by the King of England. The King of England was demanding many things from America. Americans did not agree with the demands and they thought they did not need a King to rule them. They had a very important reunion with representatives from all the populated area in America. In the meeteing they discussed they could be a different country without depending on England. They agreed, they had the resources so they decided to get heir INDEPENDENCE. They wrote a documentcalled DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE which was signed by all the important people attending to the meeting. The day when everybody signed the document and decided to be an independent country was the 4TH OF JULY. That is why Unites States of America celebrates its Independence Day every $th of July. Take a look at the attached file below. 

indepndence book.docx (360493)

This is the original Declaration of Independence. Take a look at the signatures. Can you find famous names???

Us_declaration_independence.jpg (101631)

After America was born as a country they did not have a king. They needed somebody to rule the country. They needed a PRESIDENT. They chose GEORGE WASHINGTON  as their FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Washington ruled for two terms (8 years). Take a look at Wahington's picture.

Take a look at these videos to know more about George Washington.




Dear students. Here you will find the contents that we have seen in class and the worksheets that we have been working on for the last weeks. 

To live together in harmony we need to follow certain standars of behavior and also we should be aware of certain information so that we know how to move around, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it, etc.

There are lots of things you should know. TAke a look at the powerpoint presentation to review the contents for the quiz. 


Guias social Primero II sem.doc

Segunda guia primero II sem.doc



Take a look at these prezi presentations to study for the quiz.

Good luck!!!!